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foto mai 2010

iulie 4, 2010


rezultate workshop 1

mai 18, 2010

collective city workshop – campaign for change

Cluj 13th-15th of May

mentors: alexander sverdlov / felix madrazo / marieke kums / nl



rezultate workshop 2

mai 18, 2010

APOPliving in Cluj – questioning the city

Cluj 14th-15th of May

coordinators: Georg Driendl, Franz Driendl, Maria Kaufmann, Matteo Trentini (A, IT)

„the result came out … clearly: the starting point of any culture is the question! I think that this can be a sign which may leave the frame of the workshop.”

„it is not about exporting culture but to learn from each others culture; each culture has its own history and cannot in any case be judged”


program mai 2010

mai 9, 2010

afise evenimente mai 2010

mai 9, 2010

workshopuri mai 2010

martie 17, 2010