Collective City NL

Collective City

organized by: plusminus&area3, host +/- cluj

guests: Alexander Svedlov, Feliz Madrazo, Marieke Kums – NL

workshop: Collective City

exhibition: Collective City

In 2008, the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam presented the Collective exhibition, sub-curated by Bart Goldhoorn and Alexander Sverdlov.

The exhibition Collective City analyses one of the housing experiments of the past, the Soviet Microrayon and proposes a new prototype: a housing block, which is custom-made but mass-produced and conceived via open source standards. According to the curators, both credit and climate crisis require a new approach that will radically change the way architecture is produced.

lectures: Collective City

It is not a secret that with the population of Europe not growing, housing market saturated (in some countries more than in the other), building activity going down – the renewal, re-appropriation and even ‘gentrification’ of the existing city becomes the new design agenda.

Our guests are currently doing several projects of that sort. They will present their work, give several lectures (examples from different contexts) and have a debate with people involved in such work.

about: Alexander Svedlov, Feliz Madrazo, Marieke Kums

architects, architecture studios:,, MAKS.

– researchers and lecturers: their common project in TU Delft is called The?Factory coordinated by Winy Maas (MVRDV),


collective city workshop results: campaign for change


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